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What comes standard with our home cleaning service? 

  • Kitchen - We clean and dust all surfaces, backsplash, inside microwave, outside of all appliances, dust light fixtures, empty trash, sweep and mop. 

  • Bedrooms - We clean and dust all surfaces, ceiling fans, base boards, vacuum, sweep and mop if needed and empty trash. 

  • Bathrooms - We clean and dust all surfaces, clean showers and tubs, clean mirrors and light fixtures, sweep and mop and empty trash. 

  • Living area and bonus rooms - dust all surfaces, vacuum, sweep and mop, empty trash, dust light fixtures and ceiling fans. 

Extra Cleaning Services 

  • Wet wash base boards

  • Wash inside windows

  • Clean inside appliances 

  • Vacuum furniture 

Want the full detailed list? Call or Text and we'll send it to you! 

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